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Agricultural Irrigation Demand Response Estimation Tool


Welcome to the Agricultural Irrigation Demand Response Estimation Tool (AIDRET). AIDRET is intended to be used by those contemplating applying to IOU's Demand Response Programs (click on your utility provider for more information concerning this and other PG&E, SCE or SDG&E DR programs). The objective of AIDRET is to provide you with an estimate of how much Demand Response that might be approved for your farm and the dollar amount that might be available.


This tool should only be used for crops with normal growing seasons that include any or all of the months May through September.
You should be aware of all aspects of participation in Demand Response programs. Click on each topic to learn more:


Clicking the PROCEED button below will bring up the data entry screens. Enter the information asked for. Note the HELP buttons available at each entry. You can use either of the Energy Intensity calculators depending on what data is available to you. If you have annual kW-hour usage data available then it is preferable that you use the Historical Data Option on top. As all data is entered you will click the SUBMIT button. The system will then display the results screen with a full explanation of the resulting numbers.